Everyone is doing it, you should too

“Everyone Else Is Doing It”

Has the thought “everyone else is doing it” ever stopped you? 

It has for me, and that is nothing short of an excuse. Through the lens of social media, it’s so easy to feel like everyone is doing the same thing. We forget that when we log into our accounts we are bombarded with the things we enjoy seeing, our interests, which likely reflect our passions in the real world. Because of that, it’s easy to feel like you’re just another one of the many.

And sure, maybe you are one of the many… but we live in a world just shy of 8 BILLION people. Let’s say that again, eight. billion. people. 📢 🚨 Of those 8 billion you can decide to be a creator or a consumer. You can create whatever it is you’re passionate about. From art, photography, videography, music, literature, scientific findings, architecture, home decor, curriculum, a business, you name it! The other 7,999,999,999 people on earth are there to potentially consume your creation. 

Is everyone going to love it? No, absolutely not. But the key is to create. There will always be people doing similar things, and likely even ahead of you on that journey.

But no one is you. No one has your exact perspective. No one has your exact experiences. You are the only one capable of creating your unique energy. So put your spin on whatever it is today, and create something beautiful that the world can’t help but love. 

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