Don't Mind. While We Unwind Podcast!

Featuring Lexi and Jordan

Kick-back with your hosts, Jordan and Lexi Poer.

We’ve decided to bring our conversations to a place where we can dive deeper into chats surrounding family, creator industry, and leisure. We hope to share a laugh with you while also leaving you with new and interesting ideas that you can incorporate into your daily lives.

Sit back, relax, and Don’t Mind, While We Unwind!


Relatable listening!

This pod is awesome! Lexi and Jordan are super relatable and I’m loving listening to stories about them, their fam and everyday life!! Can’t wait for more episodes!


Easy Breezy

Good flow, some funny stories, and insightful thoughts about family and the modern media landscape.


Beyond Excited For This Podcast

Whether for a good laugh, travel advice, shopping inspo, or feel-good family content, I know that Lexi + Jordan will come through! I have also personally learned so much about the social media industry from Lexi & value any and all advice that she has. Jordan + Lexi together are a true power couple and I am so excited to gain new perspective, learn and laugh along with them through this new podcast endeavor!