We’re The Poers, Jordan and Lexi + Kennedy & Addie.

We share relatable family and travel content that we hope makes you smile!

As a family we love to find the beauty in the balance.

Life isn’t meant to be so black and white, and we love to find ways to bring people together, keep positive attitudes, and find the beauty in the little things.

Join us while we take you along

for some everyday life, epic adventures, fashion finds, home projects, and more.

Shortly after leaving my career at Porsche Cars North America

I realized I needed a creative outlet.

I started Strolling in the Suburbs as a space to connect with other women a similar phase of life. The girls got older, and my husband, Jordan, became involved and since then we’ve transitioned to sharing more than just parenthood but also marriage, our travels, career conversations, home, garden, fashion and so much more.

We currently live in the suburbs of Atlanta as a family of four + our dog, Baby.

from backyard gardening to home roasting coffee, The Poers are not short of random hobbies! In 2019, after deciding that we were finished growing our family, I knew it was time to incorporate travel back into our lives. Travel was a pillar in Jordan and I’s relationship from day one, and we knew that was something we wanted to do as a family as well.

We love sharing content that is relatable, authentic, and organic.

We truly hope you leave our space with a slightly richer outlook on life. Thank you so much for being here, and we look forward to sharing lots of this crazy beautiful life with you!

Frequently Asked Questions


For the longest time Jordan and I had two stories! The real story and the story we told people. Now that we’ve been married for years and have successfully created a family and life we are proud of, we aren’t as apprehensive about sharing the “real” story haha! We are an OG Tinder couple lol having connected in 2013 and meeting up for the first time at a Braves game with friends. The rest is history!

Jordan and I visited Jamaica, Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland together. Since 2020 as a family we’ve visited Anguilla, Nevis, Jackson Hole, Philadelphia, Santa Fe, and so many more destinations. We are always planning trips and my bucket list is longgggg. Dubai, Costa Rica, Antartica, Norway, Australia, Thailand to name a few.

I am not a makeup expert and most days I wear tinted sunscreens and eyeliner. But, when it comes to Skincare Jordan and I both swear by Skin Pharm treatments and products. Read More about our skincare journey here.

Jordan still has a day job! He works for a software company that he’s been with for over 15 years. I used to work for Porsche Cars North America in several capacities over my 7 years there. I never anticipated becoming a stay at home mom, so when I did, I had to create something that was my own. For the longest time, Strolling in the Suburbs, was solely a creative outlet. In 2018 I realized it was a profession that could be monetized and even lucrative. In 2020, Jordan started working from home full time which allowed him to see the time that I was putting into this business and allowed him to also lean in more into working this together. We’ve now created this beautiful balance of working together while also still giving one another space to focus on our areas of expertise.

Yes, we are! I was an only child and Jordan is one of three. We knew we wanted to meet in the middle of that by having two. I really really wanted a girl with Kennedy, and was SO excited when I found out she was a girl. I remember we didn’t even have a gender reveal because I was so nervous about the chance of having a boy first. As a daughter of a single mother, and having my grandmother around most of my life, all I knew was girls. With our second, I was going to be ready for either, but we are SO happy to have had two girls. We hope they remain as close as they are now, and have each other always in life.

We bought an older home in a really great suburb with amazing schools for a reason. We wanted a more spacious lot, and the ability to renovate the house how we wanted it. We did a full renovation in 2017-2018. We love our home but, per usual with me, I always have a project going on.