Restaurant Review: bartaco

Happy Taco Tuesday! 

Let’s talk, bartaco y’all. With a few locations around Atlanta, bartaco is home to some delicious margaritas made with the best ingredients. bartaco sets itself apart by creating fresh, unique dishes and drinks. They even offer a secret taco once a month!  The #bartacosecret is a special off-the-menu taco you can order by simply writing bartaco secret taco on the bottom of your order sheet. Let’s just say this month’s #bartacosecret is HANDS DOWN my favorite taco they offer.

I was very excited to visit bartaco with my handsome hubby on a lovely day-date. We started our bartaco experience with ordering a watermelon margarita and red sonja. Jordan’s red sonja was absolutely amazing guys. If you are looking for a spicy, unique drink – this is it! It has ginger, lemon, and jalapeño and was the perfect combination of heat, sweet, and sour.

After ordering our drinks we tried out the fresh made guacamole and the tuna poke. Next time you go to bartaco, do not forget the poke friends. I love their twist on tuna poke by mixing it with avocado, onions, and yummy sesame sauce. We ordered the secret taco, baja, seared swordfish, cauliflower, portobello, rock shrimp, and tuna tacos. It is very easy to have a filling meal as both a pescatarian or even vegetarian at bartaco. All of the tacos were amazing, but our personal favorite was the tuna tatako which is served on a lettuce wrap.

Our experience would not be complete without the street corn which can be ordered on or off the cob if requested. I always order it off the cob, as corn in my teeth is a personal pet peeve. The corn comes covered in cheese and spices, packing just a bit of heat.

Lastly, you cannot skip dessert. The gelato was seriously heavenly. We got three cones consisting of mint chocolate, chocolate, and coconut flavors. We are still craving the mint chocolate days after because it was the first time we’ve had mint chocolate gelato with actual mint leaves mixed within. It is so delicious guys!

Aside from the food being tasty and picture perfect, the ambiance at bartaco transports you to a hip coastal environement. It feels like you’re on a classy beach vacation (meanwhile you’re right in the heart of the busy city)! If you are looking for a fun place to enjoy some tasty bites and cool drinks, look no further than bartaco.