Restaurant Review: Bully Boy

Happy Monday friends! Today I wanted to share with you our latest hotspot date night destination, Bully Boy in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Bully Boy

Located in Midtown, Bully Boy is lively little oasis on the heart of the beltline. Jordan and I had the best time trying out Bully Boy for the first time this past weekend. I love that when entering there is a bit of mystery as to what is going to be inside this intimate square building. Then when you enter, you are flooded with beautiful natural light, a hint of the setting sun, and gorgeous mixed media decor. It is a lively, yet intimate environment.

The menu is unique at Bully Boy. You don’t see the traditional divide amongst appetizers, soups, salads, and so forth as you do with most restaurants. Instead, they list all of their offerings in a single column with lighter options towards the top half and heavier options on the lower half. Our sweet server advised to get between 2-3 items per person. All of the items are tapas style and meant to be shared amongst the table. They are generous portions and we were absolutely satisfied come the end of our meal.

We ordered a half a dozen Beausoleil Oysters, Florida Red Snapper Tartare, Blistered Shishitos, Maine Lobster Frites, and the homemade kit kat bar for dessert.

It is hard to pick a favorite item because honestly each was so delicious. I have since craved each and every item we ordered at some point during my week. The blistered shishitos seriously topped some of the best we had in Spain recently (shishito peppers are a very common tapa served in Madrid). If being forced to pick a favorite, I have to go with the Maine Lobster Frites. MY GOODNESS! The lobster was hands down the best I have ever had. It was hearty, so flavorful, and perfectly cooked.

Overall we had a wonderful experience at Bully Boy. The staff was gracious, the atmosphere upbeat, and the food and drinks were highly memorable. I hope you go to check them out soon and as always, let me know what you get when you visit!