Early Access Nordstrom Sale Must-Haves

As most of you know, it is that time of the year again…

Nordstrom. Anniversary. Sale.

Yup, Early access is going on now and all you need is to have your Nordstrom credit card to shop now before the sale opens up to public access on July 20th. Today I have put together my favorite “Mommy-Must-Haves”. By that I mean, comfy clothing alllll for me (for once that is okay, right?). Honestly, nowadays my motto is 100%, “comfort is king”. If I can have cute AND comfy clothing it is a total win, and that is what I was going for today when shopping online.

First off, I put together my favorite items from the “Ath-leisure” category. Okay, that doesn’t actually exist on the Nordstrom website, but it should. I never do athletics anymore in my athletic clothing so I feel like they need to adapt the category for all of us women out there who want to look sporty, but ain’t got the time! Anyways, this is my go-to look on a daily basis so I figured I would keep it honest with you all.

If you haven’t tried Zella before, you are missing out. I am obsessed with their sport bra (that I have linked below), their leggings, and oddly their socks. Their socks are low cut which I prefer. I am telling you these never fall off your feet, getting bunched up in your toes. They are amazing. Get you some girl!

If I am not wearing my ath-leisure, the next step up from leggings and a t-shirt for me would be jeans and a sweater. In fall and winter I love to grab a pair of good fitting jeans, throw on a tank top with a sweater over it, and accessories to feel “fancy”. Yup, that is about as fancy as it gets these days and I am not even mad about it! So check out these ADORABLE sweaters & jeans. SO cute!

If there is anything I find myself spending money on anymore it is shoes. My tops tend to get abused. From spit up and milk, to peanut butter and I kid you not, even pee.. there is no top or jeans in my closet safe from kids. But, I get to feel like a micro-diva by having a cute pair of shoes. I still live and die by my motto – say it with me – comfort is king, but I do splurge a bit in this category from time to time.

Lastly, I did do a little bit of Maternity shopping during the sale. You can never have too many maternity leggings, am I right? Plus, I have a wedding or two this fall so I figured I needed a dress that might fit the bump as well!

I might stop being selfish and do a little post for the kiddos, and men in our lives (with help from the hubby), so stay tuned for more to come shortly!