Don’t Forget The Dads: Jordan’s Top Picks From the Nordstrom Sale

So while women are going crazy everywhere for the hottest fall fashion picks for ourselves and the kids, I can’t help but think about the men! Jordan is ABSOLUTELY the fashion guru in our household. He 100% of the time looks way better than I do on any given day. It does not bother me one bit, because that is his thing and who doesn’t love having a good looking man by their side.

That being said, not every man has a sense of fashion like Jordan. That leaves a lot of women helping our husbands out. Plus let’s be honest, we are the ones definitely scavenging this sale.

So for those ladies out there wanting to help out their husbands or sons. Here are Jordan’s top picks from the Early Access Nordstrom Sale. Don’t forget, in order to shop now before the sale goes public you need your Nordstrom Credit Card.

Work & Wedding Attire:

Business Casual:

Weekend Wears:

Classic Accessories:

Fresh & Clean: