Our Search for the Perfect Desk

When we were first planning out our new home Jordan and I had a big debate over what would become of the room in the front of the house. This room used to be a formal living room which we would no longer have in this location. I was pushing for a playroom (since it was going to have double French doors my thought was we could close off any mess), but Jordan insisted on an office.

After much debate, Jordan won this one! Well, I let him win if you ask me 😉 haha. But, since we’d decided on an office we knew we wanted a focal piece as a desk to catch your eye when you walk into our home. There is something to be said for a conversation piece and what I love about the desk we chose is it is most certainly that!

We found a guy who had some impressive, and inexpensive wood available. I just happened to ask if he also created furniture. Turns out he did, and was kind enough to accept my offer on making a handmade desk (Click here if you are local to Atlanta and want to inquire on a piece through him).

We knew we wanted “live” edge – which basically just means you leave the edges
In their natural state and shape. He was able to find us some legs that were made from fence posts once on a working farm in Alabama. The tree was from his yard in Georgia and had fallen during a storm. Something about having these components that came from somewhere so close to home made the desk feel even more special to us.

We were able to measure the exact size we wanted for the room as we wanted to position the desk in the center of the room facing out. Overall, we knew we wanted a simple piece that still held character. Thankfully the gentleman we met, Andy, was able to create that for us and deliver it to our doorstep.

If you live in the Atlanta area and are interested in a handmade desk by Andy, send me an e-mail and I would be happy to pass along his information. It will run you around $500 for the same desk we purchased. If you are not local, I have attached some really attractive desk with a similar vibe!