The Ultimate Charcuterie Spread

One of my favorite things to make when we have guest over, or for a family night snack is a classic charcuterie board! It’s so simple, and you can essentially incorporate a lot of things you might already have around the kitchen.

I recommend pairing the following to curate your own platter to your liking:

  • 2-3 types of cured meats (I prefer prosciutto & salami)
  • Water crackers or Pita Chips
  • One or more types of cheese (cheddars, mozzarella, Brie, goat, blue cheese, Monterey Jack… just a few ideas)
  • Fruits (fresh or dried.. some ideas would be Apricots, Grapes, dried cranberries, apples). You can also add fruit jams or jellies.
  • Nuts (I prefer walnut, pecans, or macadamian nuts)
  • Fresh Rosemary or herbs for garnish

I recently added a jar of Kroger’s Hemisfares Pitted Green Olives and LOVED the flavor and look this added to the spread.

Take all of your ingredients and spread them on a large flat platter or board. Evenly separating & displaying the items based on color and type of food. You want guest to be able to grab from any side of the platter and get a little of everything you have to offer!