Patio Refresh: Spring and Summer Ready

I’m so excited to finally share this post with you! We finally have finished getting this area of the house together after a year of living in our home. It’s a space we love to use with the girls and dogs almost daily during three out of four seasons of the year. So excited how it turned out on a low budget!

When deciding how to put this space together I knew I wanted it to act as an expansion of our living space. I wanted it to be somewhere we could play with the girls, but also retreat to relax. I definitely wanted a comfortable and soft rug for this space. We picked an indoor/outdoor rug option that is size 7×9. It really makes this space feel cozy and welcoming.

The next thing that was a must-have in this space, were the curtains. Our house sits a bit higher than some of the others on our street, and the patio can be seen from one of the roads in the neighborhood. We leave the curtains open most of the time, but if we are using the porch as an evening retreat, it is nice to be able to close them for some privacy. Also, when the sun is setting it helps keep glare off the television. We went with the 96″ length and they work perfectly. 

To finish up the look, I found these fun knot curtain tie-backs. We added greenery and of course a cute citronella candle. We added a few 16″ pillows from Wayfair that I love! My favorite feature is the outdoor tv console. We use it to store baskets with all of the patio toys, and items we need hidden away.

Hopefully you get some inspiration for a quick patio update of your own! Leave me comment and let me know what you are wanting to update in your outdoor living space this season.