Our Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

For me, Christmas time is all about family traditions. There’s something magical about celebrating with loved ones, feeling the Christmas spirit, and spending quality time together as a family. Here are some of our favorite Christmas traditions that we look forward to each year, and hope this inspires you to dive into your own family traditions or even start some new ones this year!

Christmas Tree Decorating Traditions

Decorating the Christmas tree together is one of our most cherished traditions. We make an event out of it – enjoying hot cocoa and Christmas music while we unwrap each ornament. One of the things we started when we first got married was getting a Christmas ornament for everywhere we traveled as a family. This makes decorating even more special because we are able to relive trips and shared experiences as we decorate the tree. It’s so special to see the finished tree with all our memories and love reflected in the decorations. So many people have multiple trees nowadays, and that is wonderful! But, I love having the one special family tree with the ornaments that have meaning, and aren’t just “cute”. So this year, make an event out of decorating your family tree.

Christmas Eve Traditions

On Christmas Eve, we like to order Chinese food, hop into our new Christmas pajamas and pop some fresh homemade popcorn to watch a Christmas movie together as a family. We then head upstairs after leaving out the cookies & milk to read A Night Before Christmas before the kids go to bed. It’s a fun and relaxing evening together before the big day.

Christmas Day Breakfast Traditions

In between opening stockings and beginning to open the wrapped gifts under the tree, we cook up a special Christmas breakfast. Jordan makes biscuits and gravy from scratch, and homemade cinnamon rolls. We always look forward to our holiday breakfast spread complete with hot chocolate, coffee, and fruit. It’s a yummy start to our Christmas day celebration.