Gift Guide: Ladies

I did it guys! I put together some picks for all my ladies out there. You will notice I tend to air on the cozy side because what says Christmas morning more than comfy cozy? In every category there are a few options. I want to make sure you have choices between budget-friendly options, but also the splurge-worthy item in each grouping. You never know which category someone is willing to splurge in so I rather leave that choice up to your preference! I tend to personally splurge in the areas of sleep and home. My thought process behind that is we spend SO many hours of our life sleeping that I should at least invest in making sure it is quality sleep. As with the Men’s Gift Guide, I will keep adding to this throughout the season so please comment with anything you guys are looking for in the weeks to come.

  1. Mugs & Tumblers
    First up we have mugs and tumblers. These days coffee is ALWAYS on my mind, and having a cute cup brings joy to my day. It is the little things, y’all. I have linked some of my favorite mugs this season including a splurge that is on my Christmas list. The new Ember coffee mug keeps your coffee at your desired temperature when on the saucer or for a 1.5 hours off. This seems ideal for both the corporate ladies at their desk for hours on end, and for the moms like me who warm up their cup of Joe 15 times before leaving it in the microwave all day long.

2. Pajama Sets
Christmas is the time when I stock up on my pajamas for the year to come. I’ve linked some super reasonable sets that are definitely going to hit the comfort jackpot.

3. Robes & Blankets
So on my holiday list this year is 100% the Barefoot Dreams robe. This is a splurge item, but I promise anything Barefoot Dreams will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I finally bought the blanket this year and I use it everyday. all day. Definitely worth the splurge. I also linked some budget-friendly options if this is not your top category that will surely check the box for a comfy snuggle option.

4. Barefoot Dreams ALL. THE. THINGS
While we are on the topic of my absolute favorite brand these days. I might as well put together a section with strictly their products. These are all splurge items (in my opinion). I promise if you get one of these items this year, you will be back for more next year. They are THAT GOOD!

5. Candles
Who doesn’t love candles? I love them for both their smell and their esthetics they add to our home. Here are some of my favorite this holiday season.

6. Nighttime Essentials
I swear by oil diffusing in our bedroom. It makes our room like a spa oasis. I recently converted to a silk pillow case to help prevent both wrinkles and unnecessary hair loss. I personally went with the Amazon version which was a fraction of the cost of some others, and haven’t had an issue with it. If you are used to silk sheets you might prefer to invest in the higher quality version I liked from Nordstroms. These silk scrunchies are on my list this year as well. I’ve been working to grow out my hair and I cannot sleep with my hair down. So, I am hoping these will help prevent my hair being strained by the constant use of rubber bands at night.

7. Slippers & Socks
These speak for themselves. Who doesn’t love warm tootsies? I love a good slipper so here are some great options. Again, these Barefoot Dreams socks are definitely an amazing option for stocking stuffers!

8. Around the House
Sometimes my favorite gifts aren’t just for me, but for our home. I love being gifted items for home because, well, I love home! Here are some items on my wish-list this year.

9. On-the-go
Last, but not least, are some of my wishlist items for on-the-go. Whether it is a cute bag, ear muffs, a jacket, or these adorable yoga essentials. I wanted to put together some of my wish-list items for when I am actually outside of the house!