5 Things to Know When Creating a Baby Registry

I have been wanting to sit down and crank out this blog post for years, but the idea of encompassing all. the. things. was so daunting. Instead I had a giant note that I had crafted right after I had Kennedy and I would email that to ladies whenever I was asked about baby product suggestions. I have received great feedback on this list, and I hope you will find it beneficial. That being said, I also had some general tips I wanted to share on creating your registry. Where to go? How to do it? What to add? So many questions! So, instead of creating the longest blog post ever, I am breaking it down into a few parts. Here I want to cover my tips on what to keep in mind when registering.

  1. Give Friends & Family Options. If you want to register with a few different places to give people options, while keeping everything consolidated. I highly recommend Babylist. We used this website for our baby registry and it was wonderful – and free! Babylist combines any items from any brand you select online and puts them together in a list at one URL for you to provide friends and family. If you want to do an in-store registry experience that is fine as well. You can import any registries you’ve already started there and then add from any other store or online site (Amazon as well). It’s great and gives people options!
  2. Remember to add things from all price points – big and small! You will have several types of people who want to buy you gifts (especially if this is your first). Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, the mailman… literally everyone wanting to send you a gift. To make sure you are accommodating for all of these relationships, have your registry handy and filled with items from various price points. This way you are getting more of what you want and less of what everyone thinks you want.
  3. Check out Buy Buy Baby. I highly suggest shopping with them, especially when you are trying to purchase any remaining items on your registry. The ability to get 20% off store-wide and use old coupons is very nice when shopping for baby items (bonus: they have a great return policy). It is not often that you find baby products discounted (if buying new). Do keep in mind with Buy Buy Baby not all name brands are included in their coupon offerings, but always check!
  4. Don’t Overlook Buying Used. If you are buying items that were not purchased for you, checkout options to purchase second hand. I have found steals on Facebook Marketplace, Albee Baby, and eBay in the past. We found our Uppababy Stroller new for a few hundred less on eBay.
  5. Don’t Forget Mom & Dad. If for some reason you were blessed to have most of the baby items you need for whatever reason, don’t be scared to ask for things to take care of your mental health as parents. Some great examples are meal delivery gift cards, restaurant gift cards, at-home spa items, or items like movie tickets for date nights without babes. Remember, a key part of being the best parent you can be is remembering to take care of yourself also!

Those are just a few things I wanted to make sure we covered before we deep dived into the item-by-item registry breakdown. 

5 Things to Know Before Making Your Baby Registry