We may all be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck inside. There are a lot of things to do outdoors to keep your little ones busy. Here are a few of our favorites that we keep on repeat. 


In our neighborhood we came up with a monthly theme (example shamrocks in March, eggs in April, flowers in May). Each family who participates has their child(ren) color or paint the themed picture and place somewhere on the outside of their home. Then, when you are enjoying your family stroll the children can search and find all of the items around the neighborhood.


Whether it is at a local park with plenty of green space for distancing, or in your backyard it is a fun change of place to switch up where you have lunch. Pack a blanket, some sandwiches, fruit, and drinks. Take a ball, or grab a board game and head on an adventure with the entire family.

We absolutely love our Wonderfold Wagon. Kennedy and Addie call it their Princess carriage. We recently sold our double stroller, and decided to go with this versatile wagon instead. The girls are able to face one another for ease in interacting. It has a ton of space for storage, and the seats remove for full wagon usage. The sunshade slides from side to side so you can protect the kids from sun at any angle. Lastly, one of my favorite features is the zip up side access allowing the kids to independently climb in and out of the wagon. We use this around our own neighborhood for walks, adventures to the park, and soon we will use for outings to the zoo and nature center. During these times, I love that it provides a place while on-the-go, that is comfortable for the girls to sit, stand, lay, and play in, all while being contained. The Wonderfold Wagon comes in a W2 that seats two children, and the W4 that seats up to four children. Make sure to use use promo code STROLLING20 for $20 off the wagon of your choice.


Now is the time to bring out all the water activities (and I know you have a million). Bring out the water tables, the buckets, the inexpensive plastic pools, the fancy inflatables, sprinklers, whatever you have! Create different water stations and rotate around the yard enjoying each.


Order a tie-dye set online and grab a couple of old tshirts, socks, or canvas bags. Have the kids experience putting the rubber bands on in different patterns and let them help squeeze on some of the dye. I recommend doing this outdoors in the grass, and placing the items you are dying in a cardboard box to prevent splashing. It is a fun activity that results in giving old clothing some new life!


A friend of mine just finished growing butterflies from live caterpillars. There are several kits you can purchase to watch nature come alive at your own home. The kids will enjoy watching and feeding them daily, and when they have fully matured you can have a butterfly release party in your backyard.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to get outside and get moving! Enjoy this time with your family safely, but in a different setting. I would love to hear what you and your family are doing outdoors to keep busy.

The blog post was sponsored by Wonderful Wagon.